7 tracks
Indie · Vocal · Female Vocal


Synthpunk diva Rex Pistols has her sights set on exquisite vulnerability and decadent sleaze. Born in Montreal and based in Iceland since 2009, Rex Pistols began in 2016 as a radical need for self-reclamation and rediscovery. The aural world Rex Pistols invokes is full of duality in its sensuality; minimal yet extremely deep, tough yet sensitive. The music will, without a doubt, wherever you are, send shivers down your whole body and take you to a place both in your heart, and in her heart, place that you thought was lost. Her latest album, What Love Is (released on Myrkfælni in 2020), explores the concept of love in all its forms outside of pure romance, and weaves a portrait of her truest connections and innermost desires. The songs are shimmering, sensual, addictive and reminiscent of the earliest days of dreamy synthpop. Immerse yourself in her dreamworld.

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